Air Compressor Accessories

ARB offers a number of accessories to greatly increase the versatility and functionality of your ARB on-board air compressor.

Aluminium Air Tank

Rated to a maximum working pressure of 150PSI (1030kPa), the 4 litre aluminium air tank delivers high volume air output suitable for rapid tyre inflation and running most air powered tools.

Ideal for use with ARB’s twin motor and high output on-board compressors*, the tank also comes standard in the portable twin motor version. 50% lighter than an equivalent steel tank, this product incorporates two 1/4NPT ports with JIC-4 male fittings and comes with mounting hardware for easy installation.

* Additional accessories required. Please contact Arbil for further details.

Air Locker Manifold Kit

Designed to work seamlessly with ARB’s twin motor on-board compressors, the Air Locker manifold kit enables easy installation of Air Locker solenoids to an air source such as a compressor or regulated gas bottle.

With a working pressure of 150PSI (1030kPa), the manifold kit incorporates multiple ports to also allow the use of ARB’s pump up air kit (Part No. 171302). Incorporating mounting brackets and a Teflon stainless steel braided hose designed to cool air supply for tyre inflation, the manifold kit will make your on-board air compressor even more versatile.

Small Low Air Pressure Gauge

This Air pressure gauge allows you to quickly and easily check the pressure in your tyres. With a quality bronze Bourdon Tube design, the gauge has been designed and tested for maximum accuracy. It features an easy to read dial, a protective rubber gauge guard and fully geared, solid brass precision Movement. It also comes with a comprehensive two year warranty.


Tyre Inflator With Gauge

Check your tyre pressure while you’re airing up using the ARB inflator with pressure gauge. Designed for quick and accurate tyre inflation with an in-line gauge, the ARB Inflator can be fitted to compressors, or the fitting can be removed and retrofitted with any air fitting using ¼ NPT thread.


  • Easy to read dial with dual scale PSI/Bar increments (0-100psi)
  • 330mm stainless braided flexible hose
  • Chuck with Clip
  • ¼ NPT US standard male air fitting


E-Z Tyre Deflator

The unique, patented design of the ARB E-Z Tyre Deflator allows for rapid deflation, even of very large tires, while also providing accurate tire reading via the simple movement of a sliding valve.

Corrosion resistant brass/stainless deflator tool. The Bronze Bourdon Tube gauge design ensures accuracy is not affected by changes in temperature, humidity, or altitude, and is protected by a vinyl boot. The dial is large and legible, and provides accurate pressure readings in 1 PSI increments from 4 to 60 PSI. Protective canvas pouch and instruction sheet are included


Heavy Duty Air Line Hose Kit

Where a vehicle is used in extreme conditions, including snow drifts, heavy scrub, fallen trees etc, and there is concern about the blue nylon air line being damaged, then ARB can offer a heavy duty reinforced air line to use in the exposed area between the chassis of the vehicle and the axle assembly.

Includes 4′ of Aeroquip elastomer compound, textile reinforced, high pressure, pneumatic hose with fittings. Also supplied with this kit are the necessary push-in fittings and adapters, mounting brackets, and instructions. If you are using a front and rear locker, 2 kits are required. Sold individually.

Purge Valve Assembly

The ARB Air Locker Purge Valve purges impurities such as moisture, dust and oil from the airline that can impair the performance of air lockers. A convenient purge button blows any contaminants out the exhaust port of the valve, maintaining low moisture levels in the air system and eliminating the possibility of passing contaminants back and forth through the solenoid. This kit also incorporates an adjustable backpressure regulator that has been factory set to 3 to 4 PSI. This prevents oil misting problems associated with poor axle ventilation.

Keep your ARB Air Locker Solenoid(s) operating as they should with this ARB Purge Valve Kit. One kit required per air locker solenoid.


Tyre Inflation Kit For ARB Air Compressors

Due to the incredible air-output produced from the Hi-Output CKMA12 compressor, this air compressor requires a unique, high-heat tolerant hose, specially sourced from Japan. Designed by ARB engineers for maximum air flow this Tire Inflation Kit also includes a dust free air chuck, which boasts an enclosed internal bearing system to prevent dirt ingestion.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x High heat pressure hose
  • 1 x ARB air chuck with quick press fitting
  • 1 x ARB T-fitting for use with the CKMA12 ARB air compressor
  • an assortment of additional fittings to suit various camping and sporting gear such as air mattresses and basket balls


Air Inflation Extension Hose

This ARB Air inflation 6 meter extension hose is designed to be used with the ARB Tyre Inflation Kit (171302).